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Puppy training | Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Correct puppy training in the early weeks is incredibly important in terms of setting your dog up with healthy habits and patterns for life. Just like children, puppies have a lot of learning and growing to do, and puppyhood is the time in which they form the strongest bonds and learn behaviours that will be with them for life. There is so much for them to learn, from qualities and characteristics such as restraint and obedience, to ‘social’ skills such as how to act around strangers and other dogs, to specific commands that help make their lives (and the lives of their families) easier. Most puppy classes in Brisbane and other locations teach a wide range of commands that are adaptable to a variety of situations, from basics such as sit/stay/heel to fun tricks like shaking hands and rolling over.

As a leading puppy school in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Dog Guru is dedicated to providing fun and effective training that lasts for life. Our qualified and experienced trainers and dog behaviour experts run small classes, allowing individual focus and attention to detail. Our services involve using positive-only (no negative/punishment) methods, they help bring out the best in your dog. Dog Guru are trainers also aim to empower puppy owners, especially first-timers, to continue training and positive reinforcement on their own time. You will learn how to react when your pup is playing up, which techniques work best, and how to maintain training in just minutes a day.

You can book basic puppy classes online using the link above. Alternatively, call us to discuss your pup’s special training needs.

Small class sizes, great service and even greater results.

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