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Core Values

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At Dog Guru we have 3 core values that we like to strive towards constantly

1. Positive

We maintain that for almost all our training, whether it is training up the dogs or staff, our methods are positive. We believe this leads to a better working relationship with you and your dog and also between all our staff.

2. Creativity

We have pushed the limits of dog training in New Zealand because all our staff are encouraged to be creative. This has led to some great games in our classes, some new training methods and more. We will always ensure that this is a constant theme for Dog Guru.

3. Empowerment

This is empowerment for both our clients and our staff. We are here to empower you when working with your dogs. We don’t expect you to be ho hum about dog training. We want to ensure you feel like you can go out there and succeed with a new pride moving forward. This is also evident among our staff. With all the training our staff do when working with Dog Guru, we want to empower them to succeed.

Small class sizes, great service and even greater results.

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